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Jennifer Joyce Tompkins

Senior Attorney

Jennifer Joyce Tompkins is a native of Bullock County, Alabama. Ms. Tompkins comes from a long line of farmers and is proud to call the small town of Fitzpatrick, Alabama home. Ms. Tompkins graduated from Faulkner University in 2002 where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Ms. Tompkins went on to attend Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones School of Law and graduated in 2007 with her Juris Doctorate. Shortly after, Ms. Tompkins passed the bar and began practicing law in 2007. Since 2012, Ms. Tompkins has been managing attorney and owner of The Law Offices of Jennifer Joyce Tompkins, LLC. Ms. Tompkins specializes in the practice of family, juvenile, probate, civil and criminal law.


Ms. Tompkins has created and organized training for attorneys in areas of family law. She is a member of the Bullock County, Barbour County, Alabama, and American Bar Associations. Ms. Tompkins is a member of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and serves on the Alabama State Bar Committee for Lawyer’s Assistance program.  She is a certified Guardian ad Litem and Mediator.

Ms. Tompkins enjoys serving her small community. She serves as a Member of the Volunteer Lawyers Program and Wills for Hero’s Program.  She has assisted with numerous fundraisers, giving, and volunteering for organizations such as the Fitzpatrick Volunteer Fire Department, Bullock County DHR, and Bullock County Baseball Team.


In her spare time, Ms. Tompkins enjoys spending time with her son Garrett.  Ms. Tompkins spends her weekends cheering on Garrett as he ropes calves and steer wrestles. She enjoys traveling with him and supporting his dreams.

Ms. Tompkins has represented clients in numerous murder, capital murder, termination of parental rights, divorce, and custody trials. Her firm motto is “Justice Without Judgment.” Ms. Tompkins has dedicated her law career to living out that motto. Ms. Tompkins has made it her life goal to serve her clients with faith and diligence. She believes in a legal system where the scales of justice are balanced without being tipped by factors such as social status, gender, or race. Ms. Tompkins has a dream for the justice system that she strives to achieve with each client she represents.  

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